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1. Q: Logo customization supported?
A: No.

. Q:
Could FR terminal work with NVR?
A: Yes, but only video will be transmitted to NVR by Onvif. No face image, no temperature, no pass-through record.

. Q:
Will the alarm be transmitted to VMS when temperature is higher than the threshold?
A: No, only temperature information will be transmitted from terminal to VMS. Alarm from terminal to VMS is still in plan.

. Q:
What's the color of temperature module?
A: Yellow, which is eye-catching than silver. Silver modules in photo and video are R&D samples.

. Q: Since alarm will not be transmitted to VMS, is alarm linkage function supported on the terminal?
A: No.

. Q:
Can we sell the temperature measurement module only and work with OET-525H or OET-513L?
A: No.

. Q:
How QR code open a door?
A: Need a QR code generator to generate the QR code. And in fact, the QR code is a card number, just replace the IC card with a QR code.

. Q:
How to import a face picture?
A: GUI (standalone solution), PC tool, VMS, API.
9. Q: What's the angle of view of face recognition terminal?
A: 46.4 degree(H), 87.6 degree(V)

Time attendance supported?Exported?
A: Yes, but VMS required. For more information, refer to Introduction to wrist temperature measurement terminal. You can export it as .CSV file

RTSP supported?
A: Yes

12. Q:
Configure temperature threshold on GUI?
A: Yes, refer to user manual

13. Q:
Output records with USB port?
A: No, USB is reserved without any function.

14. Q:
GUI delete database?
A: No.