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1. Q: What are the differences of "Infrared Temperature Sensor", "Infrared Sensor" and "Metal Detector" in security gate?
A: Infrared Temperature Sensor: Used for measurement of forehead temperature and wrist temperature, the left one is 1.5M high and 1M high on the right. Infrared Sensor: Used to detect if a person is passing through the security gate, to prevent false positives. Metal Detector: Used to detect if any metal contraband is carried.

. Q:
Can the temperature gate be connected to the Internet?
A: No, it just support be used offline. It doesn't support any data input or output.

. Q: Where are the 18 different metal detection areas?
A: The metal detection alarm lights are set in the back of the door frame.

. Q:
What is the type of power supply for security gate?
A: The power supply of security gate is built-in the mainframe box. There is only one power line outside the mainframe box.

. Q: Whether Celsius Fahrenheit Conversion is supported?
A: Now we don't have this function, if you need this function before May, you can apply a special BOM; and this function will be supported after May.

. Q:
Is mainframe box based on Hisilicon chip?
A: The USS-SA100A-TM-O just uses the MCU to realize the metal detection and temperature measurement function.

. Q:
How to turn off the metal detection funcntion?
A: There is no button to turn off the metal detection function, but we can set the sensitivity to zero. They can do the same thing.

. Q:
If the infrared temperature detector is touched by people, how to deal with it?
A: Dip in water with cloth to scrub the detector.It isn't allowde to swab with other chemical solvent.